Tabla Freedom VSTi Plugin Software, Download Free Indian Tabla VST

Free Tabla Freedom VSTi plugin *

Tabla Freedom also offers the first full fledged Tabla VSTi plugin with a selection of more than 1GB of pristine quality of loops and rhythm. This Indian Tabla Drum VST has an user friendly interface has all controls required for great tabla programming in Nuendo, Cubase, Cakewalk and else with ease. Prime features include time stretch, global pitch tuning, equalizer etc.

* You are required buy and register with tabla freedom to avail full functionality of the tabla vsti software.

Download Coming Soon

Technical Requirments: PC with minimum 512 mb ram

Mac version is under development and will be released soon.

Please leave your ideas and comments here. We would be happy to develop any special feature you want to include in the above software. We would also like to know how useful do you think they are to you?

You could also subscribe to us to stay in touch with the release updates and Other developments.

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2 Responses to Tabla Freedom VSTi Plugin Software, Download Free Indian Tabla VST

  1. abraham says:

    I hope you are doing fine
    I love to write words on tabla bar ?
    Please let me know..
    Best Regarda
    Abraham R.

  2. josh says:

    what country are these VST instruments being produced in?

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