Riyaz Freedom v1.00- Tabla & Tanpura Practice Suite, Indian Music Software

Free Riyaz Freedom v1.00- Tabla & Tanpura Practice Suite Software. Most Ideal Digital Download for Indian Vocal & Dance Practice.

We at Freedom Instruments offer the best Indian tabla drum software products in the market:

Riyaz Freedom v1.00- Tabla & Tanpura Practice Suite Software

Download Riyaz Freedom Tabla Tanpura Practice Suite v 1.00

1. An all exclusive digital tabla and tanpura software for vocal and dance practice/riyaz sessions. It has 2 interfaces for beginner and advanced levels. This tabla software is currently the best digital download option for students, teachers and musicians replacing the need for the conventional electronic tabla or a tanpura hardware instrument.

Advanced level features include:

1. Global Pitch Tuning, Fine-tuning. Volume control, Equalizer, Mixer.

2. A tanpura unit with custom volume controller for each notes. It also has adjustable speed options, and an inbuilt equalizer, reverb section. It also has a mini keyboard view or the notes being played for the chosen scale.

3. A tabla unit with various rhythm/tala combinations, in different time counts. Speed options for vilambit, madhyam, drut, atidrut talas in BPM. Also featuring an inbuilt equalizer and reverb section.

4. A drone unit with in different time counts.

5. A tone builder unit with a keyboard view where you can select the notes you want to add to the ensemble of tabla and tanpura.

Beginner level has all the above features but with lesser controls.

Technical Requirments: PC with minimum 512 mb ram

Mac version is under development and will be released soon.

* You are required buy and register with tabla freedom to avail full functionality of the tabla software.

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